[TH] Article Manager 2.0.8

Discussion in 'PC Software' started by Trickplanet, Jul 11, 2017.

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    [TH] Article Manager 2.0.8
    Enrichen your forum with an article and threads portal/cms manager

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5​
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment

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    About this add-on

    This add-on is designed to add an Article Manager system to your forum.
    The Article Manager comes with Categories, Commenting System, Thread Promotions and Associations, Attachments, Ratings, Prefixes and Tags.

    Posting articles can be done using the full Rich Text Editor. You can enrichen the article contents further by uploading attachments, image icons and tagging users.

    When you add articles, you can select the categories that you think it fits best the nature of the article.

    All articles will appear on a separate page, which will be linked to a highlighted tab on the navigation manager. You can enter the name of the tab to whatever phrase you want, and select its position on the navigation bar.

    If the article tab position is set to Home, and you set Index Page Route to articles, then you can use the article as front page for your forum.

    Each article will show a certain amount of charatcers on the list and a Read More button will be in place to take the users to the whole article section where it can be read completely. A description field is also available when posting articles. This can be optional or required through a setting in the Add On options. Staff members will not be affected by that.

    A group of most recent, most viewed, most commented, most liked, most rated and featured articles will appear on the articles page sidebar. As well as 2 additional blocks with the recent comments and the top commenters.
    Those statistics will also be avialable on the sidebar of categories containing the info for each category.

    Key Features


    • Nested Categories /Unlimited Nested Categories.​
    • Enable/Disable comments per category.​
    • Moderate articles per category.​
    • Allow viewing of articles per category.​
    • Allow posting of articles per category.​
    • Usergroup permission to post articles per category.​
    • Automatically Create Thread in Forum.​
    • Automatically Created Thread Prefix.​
    • Minimum Required Tags.​
    • Layout.​
    • Available Prefixes.​
    • Require users to select a prefix.​
    Layout Type

    • You can choose to display articles on the Main Landing Page in 3 different layout types, Grid, List and Portal.​
    • You can assign each category a different layout type. If the layout is set to default, the default layout style selected from Article Page Layout option will be used.​
    Icon Image

    • Users will have the option to select an icon which will appear as the avatar image for their articles. Each article can have a different icon image. All articles have a default icon image that is present in/styles/default/articles folder. The image is called article_icon.png. You can make your own icon image, and use it by replacing the default image file.​

    • Members with the right permissions can upload attachments in articles.​
    • Attachments can be viewed only by members with the right permissions.​

    • Prefixes and prefix groups are available for aticles with permissions for groups to use them.​
    • Prefixes can be ordered and selected to be used on categories.​
    • A list of all available Prefixes can be selected from each category.​
    • Prefixes can be set as required or optional from each category.​
    • All articles can be sorted and filtered based on prefixes.​

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    Very Important. It does not work with the XenPorta 2 add on.