Google Pixel and Pixel XL price cuts, making way for Pixel 2 launch

Discussion in 'Others' started by dhruv, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Jan 8, 2015
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    After the death of the Nexus, Google has launched the Google Pixel / Pixel XL and listed at a fairly high price. But now the company has strong hands down the price of this smartphone duo.


    Mashable said both the 32GB and 128GB versions of the Google Pixel were reduced to $ 125, or $ 524 ($ 12 million) and $ 624 (about $ 14.2 million). Google Pixel XL is reduced to $ 200, 32GB version is currently priced at $ 569 (about 13 million) while 128GB version is $ 669 (about $ 15.2 million).

    Google even offers a Daydream View glasses ($ 79) for each smartphone sold.

    This discount is very attractive, but what will you lose without waiting for the Pixel 2? According to many sources, the Pixel 2 has a variant that will have a large screen, a 18: 9 aspect ratio and curved on the sides. Configuration parameters will be at the highest level, although this device will not have headphone jacks. So if this is a problem for you then the Pixel discount will be great.

    Pixel 2 is expected to be sold in October this year.