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Discussion in 'Android Tips & Tricks' started by Trickplanet, Jul 14, 2017.

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    When you think of an online music service nowadays, spotify is probably near the first that come to mind, and for good reason. Being able to create, share, and take all of your playlists anywhere, across all of your devices, is something that I couldn't live without. Unfortunately, nothing this good is free, and with Spotify Premium, users of their free service are left with very limited features when streaming on their mobile devices.

    There have always been ways to bypass these restrecions, but most of those required root access or the use of the Xposed Framework , which can be a deal breaker for some, or a non-option for those running Android Lollipop.

    Lucas picchi has modified the original Spotify app to open up unlimited skips and track specific playback for everyone (i.e., those without a paid subscription). This app is based off Spotify version, and Picchi has even created a version for those of you still stuck on Gingerbread.
    Install the Modified App
    Since this is a modified app, it cannot be hosted on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to download the APK that is compatible with your Android version from one of the links below. Before doing so, make sure that you've allowed for app installation from "Unknown sources".
    • Android4.0 and above​
    • Android 2.3​

    Before installing the app, make sure to uninstall the official Spotify app on your device if you have it installed. Then, just hit the "Download complete" notification to install the modified version.

    Step 2Login & Enjoy
    With the app open, you'll need to log in. The modified version cannot use the Facebook login option, so you will need to enter your Spotify credentials in order to sign in.

    Once the app loads to the main menu, you will be all set to go. Premium features, like selecting specific tracks to play and unlimited skips are enabled by default, but you will unfortunately still have to pay in order to increase audio quality.
    Keep in mind that this app cannot be updated through the Play Store, so be sure to check back for future releases and updates!